The phone rings.  I recognize the number.  The conversation I was having at work fades into white noise as I step out of the room.  I swallow the lump in my throat and pick up….”Hello?”…

Twelve years ago I was blessed with the best friend imaginable.  My buddy, Mr. Molson.  He has been with me through the highs and lows of life.  Dating, marriage, kids, college, divorce, custody battles, a new job, a new home, vacations, and much more.  Everyday for 12 years, he has been by my side sharing this journey of life.

Mr. Molson has taught me many things throughout these years that only a dog can.  He has taught me that sometimes we all just need a quiet corner for a nap.   He has taught me when someone (in his case the kids) is getting on your nerves it is best to just walk away until things calm down.  Often when you return it’s like it never happened at all.  He has taught me the importance of living in the moment.  Whether that means enjoying a game of frisbee or a simple walk around the neighborhood, Molson never seemed concerned about yesterday or tomorrow.  He taught me to remain curious about the world (even if you get sprayed by a skunk).    He taught me to always show people how much you missed them.  Even if they only walked outside to get the mail.  He has taught me that unconditional love is real.

I hold the phone tight to my ear as the veterinarian tells me the lab results have come back from Molson’s recent surgery.  “I have bad news” she says.  “It’s cancer.”