It’s been about six weeks since Molson’s surgery to remove his nose brain (read the earlier posts if you’re confused).  I’ve taken him to an oncologist and back for follow ups with the surgeon.  “I can’t cure your dog” Dr. Clifford tells me.  It seems that the prognosis has held steady since the lab report.  Unfortunately, the lump has already begun to return.  It seems to be growing much faster this time.  Between the wrinkle from the surgery, his crooked nose, and his teeth that his lip now barely covers, it’s hard to ignore the growing lump.  It is a reminder that his days are numbered.  We are keeping him on pain medication and some anti-inflammatory drugs to try to slow the growth.  He seems to enjoy the bread and peanut butter he gets twice a day now.  We have also been spoiling him more with treats and cuddles.

It’s hard to imagine not holding the door for him in the morning as I head to work while he stands there looking at me waiting for those words….”Wanna go to work?”.  After those words he makes a bee-line for the truck and still manages to leap into the back seat without help even though the vet told me he has a torn/deteriorating ACL.  He still has his youthful spunk on occasion though it doesn’t last near as long at is used to.  He still acts like he has a lot of life in him.  But the cancer growing on his face is getting harder to ignore.  All we can do is try to make the days he has left special for him.  He has always been a happy, friendly, welcoming face to everyone he meets.  So, if you see him at the union hall, out on a walk, or you stop by the house…take a couple minutes to say hi and show him some love.  You’re the best Mister Molson!FullSizeRender