The dispatcher announces a cat stuck in a tree.  Mister Molson picks up the radio and replies that he will take this call.  Whoever decided this job is only for dalmations never met this guy.

He suits up and jumps behind the wheel…flicks on the lights…presses the siren…then looks over at the firefighters for help.  It seems a bit too much to turn the key without thumbs.  So Mister Molson jumps in the back and watches for traffic.

On the way to the call Molson brings smiles to the faces of everyone we passed as his floppy ears and huge smile announce that he loves his new job.  As it turns out, the cat figured out how to get back down and the brave firefighters of Yoe Fire Company returned Mister Molson to the park to make sure he’s rested for the next big animal rescue.

So they double checked that his equipment fit properly.

Mister Molson showed the kids around inside the new equipment he got to work with.

He even let us pretend to be firefighters like him.

A huge thanks goes out to the brave men and women firefighters who keep us safe and rescue us when disaster strikes.  Thank you Yoe Fire Company for taking the time to help Mister Molson experience something few dogs ever do.  I think the kids and I enjoyed this as much as he did.  It’s very heartwarming to know we have so many generous people in our community that will go out of their way to help us acomplish Molson’s bucket list.