Molson used to love the mailman.  When the mailman, UPS delivery lady, or an electrical supplyhouse driver stopped by, Molson would be the first to walk up and say hi.  They usually had a treat for him knowing he would be there.  But today he was a bit hesitant as we walked to the mailbox.  I wasn’t sure what was wrong.  I opened the mailbox and saw it…..

It was Molson’s draft card!  Turns out the U.S. Army had plans for him.  He seemed scared at first but I reassured him that he was still fast, strong, and tough.  We did some training and got him in shape.  He did some running and practiced digging foxholes.  He even started lifting weights.


Lifting weights

He easily made it through basic training thanks to his experience as a firefighter.  Mister Molson was ready to report to his duty station.

Mister Molson reporting for Duty

He quickly advanced through the ranks.  Eventually, the Army decided to send him to flight school. He was going to be a helicopter pilot!

Prepared for Pre-Flight Inspection

Sergeant Molson flew missions that transported the injured and dropped soldiers into battle zones.  He volunteered for every mission and never lost a troop.  He flew into hot LZ’s with courage knowing the soldiers were counting on him.

When I asked him how his missions went he would only reply with “RUFF”.  Like most that saw combat, Sergeant Molson never bragged about his impact or burdened others with the scars he bears.

Though his tour of duty was short, all the men and women he served with are better for it.  As he left the flight line for the final time, everyone came together to see him off.  Though they did have jokes about an MP begging for donuts.

The Flight Crew

Thanks to Kevin Schnetzka and the Liberty War Bird Association for setting this up.  I appreciate the work you are doing to restore this important piece of history.  I wish you all the best in your efforts to restore the Vietnam era Huey and offer veterans the chance to once again fly as they did in service to our country.  I encourage anyone able to support this cause.

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