Triple Double!  Camping, Drive-in, and watch Marley & Me with the family.  Some may say we cheated.  I say we were creative.  We set up tents in the back yard, borrowed a projector and a screen from work and had our own outdoor movie/ camping party.  We did a test screening with Secret life of Pets.  

Then we got settled in for the feature film as the sun went down.

Once everyone was comfy,  I put on Marley & Me.  I’ll admit I got a bit choked up toward the end knowing exactly what Marleys family was going through.  My hope was that it might help the kids get an idea of what is coming and see how their family dealt with it.  But Elliot fell asleep about halfway through and Chloe cried her eyes out.

Molson spent the night in the tent with us and seemed to enjoy us sleeping on the ground with him.  In the morning he didn’t wanna get out of the tent.  I guess it’s like a big doghouse.

Night 2 got a little soupy as the rain refused to let up.  The tents got so saturated that the stuff inside started getting damp.  After a few hours we decided to move back inside.  That’s one of the benefits of camping in the back yard I guess.  Through it all Mister Molson was by our side ruffing it.