Mister Molson has an excellent record of attending our local union meetings.  You can see him roaming around the room during the meeting stopping by anyone willing to give him a little attention.  He has made friends with the membership over the course of his career as assistant training director.    His outgoing nature and ability to listen more than he talks has helped him develop a strong base of supporters.

At our regular union meeting on May 18, 2017 the membership showed their respect for Molson by nominating him for the office of president.  On a motion by Chase Stewart, Seconded by Eugene Morales, Scott Moul, and Jess Head, and a unanimous vote of approval, Mister Molson became the Honorary President of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local Union 229.


Mister Molson put on his IBEW 229 shirt and took his post with the gavel.  His first order of business was to continue the tradition of serving after meeting refreshments and urged members to drop more of them on the floor.  His second order of business was to thank all of the members that have given him pizza crust and donuts at the various training and volunteer events over the years.  As a dog of few words, he then decided to conclude regular business and close the May meeting with a strike of the gavel.  Congratulations President Molson!