A new report comes across the wire…a string of home invasions and robberies has been reported.  A Cat Burglar is on the loose!  If anyone can catch a cat burglar, it’s a dog cop.

Since becoming a Firefighter and then a Military Police dog, Sergeant Molson has been in retirement.  But this case is exactly what’s needed to bring him back and show these new pups what crime fighting is all about.

Sergeant Molson reports to the barracks and and marches into Lt. Palmer’s office.  He sits at attention and awaits her orders.  Knowing this is a dangerous mission she assigns him her tactical vest and a partner.

CPL Torker comes into the Station Commander’s office to meet his new partner.  The two officers give each other a look and then the bro nod.  Each knowing that they will have each other’s back if things get hairy (well, besides the seat in the patrol car and the LT’s vest).  After receiving their orders the two head out to the patrol vehicle.  LT Palmer gives the officers some final words of wisdom and tells them to be safe.

CPL Torker opens the door and Molson jumps into the drivers seat.

CPL Torker reminds SGT Molson that his feet can’t reach the pedals and nudges him over to the passenger seat.

He tells Molson to keep an eye out as they search the neighborhood.  Molson complies.

The trail starts heating up as Molson sniffs the air.  CPL Torker follows Molson’s cues as his tail wags more vigorously at every turn.  Left, 2 rights, another left…CPL Torker is starting to wonder where Molson is leading him.  Molson stands up…we gotta be close now.

The final turn….into….Brown’s Orchard?  Officer Torker begins to wonder if Molson was just following the smell of the deli.  Molson jumps out and runs to the picnic table where a man is sitting by himself eating a sandwich.  He waits until the man looks over at the patrol car and snatches his sandwich.  Officer Torker gets a good look at the man and it fits the description on the APB.  Could it be? The officers quickly respond and take the man into custody as he tries to run.

CPL Torker and SGT Molson report back to the station with the suspect.

LT Palmer congratulates them on a job well done and their fellow officers come out to greet the successful partners.

A huge thanks goes out to LT Palmer and CPL Torker of the Pennsylvania State Police for taking the time to do this and TFC Snowden of Maryland State Police for setting it up.  They helped Mister Molson become a K9 cop.  That has to be the ultimate job for any dog.

We had a lot of fun with this mission  but the police work these men and women do day in and day out isn’t always fun.  Their work and efforts aren’t always recognized.  We don’t see the crimes prevented or the accidents avoided or the everyday things they do to help our communities.   But when we need them, they always answer the call….ALWAYS!   No matter the time of day or if it’s a holiday or if it’s something dumb we did like lock our keys in the car.  Take a minute and imagine the type of bravery it takes to blindly step in and break up a domestic dispute, to walk up to a stolen car on a traffic stop, to search a dark store after finding a broken front window, or chase a suspect through unlit alleys that they likely know better than you.

As a former Military Police officer, I have a high level of respect for the work these men and women do because I’ve had a small taste.  I am extremely grateful for anyone willing to take on this responsibility.   We should thank and respect officers and their families the same way we thank and respect soldiers, sailors, and marines.  They are all here to protect and serve.  They even care enough to take time to make a dog’s wish come true.
Thanks again Pennsylvania State Police.