The support from friends and family has been awesome.  This bucket list item will provide us a reminder of Mister Molson forever.  My mom gave us a picture frame with a paw mold next to it.  Miss Emily from the YMCA gave us a kit to make a stone. We enjoyed this one as it is always fun doing projects with the kids.  Thank you both for helping us preserve a part of Molson.  The paw prints will remind us of the imprint he has made on all of our lives.

I mixed the concrete and Chloe helped Molson make his mark.  The kids decorated the edges with rocks and the bone imprints and I placed one of his dog tags.

When doing the white mold, we washed Molson’s foot and clipped his toe hair first.  He still managed to leave specks of dirt in the clean white mold.  Guess he is still living up to his nickname….Mudfoot.  Because of his interest in water he always seems to find the muddiest spots to walk.  Sometimes at work he returns from a potty break outside with mud up to his elbows from exploring the creek out back.

The kids recommended we place the stone under a dogwood tree we hope to plant as a future bucket list item.  The one with his picture will stay inside as a regular reminder to appreciate our blessings while we have them.