Most soldiers don’t consider themselves heroes.  Instead, they seek to honor the real heroes who didn’t make it back from conflicts.  In his true selfless nature SGT Molson also took that stance.  Though he served as a helicopter pilot on a Huey in Vietnam, became a State Trooper, and a volunteer firefighter, he still wanted to give back.  So he chose to honor his fallen brothers and sisters by marching with the Red Lion VFW in the 2017 Memorial Day Parade.

He asked the kids to come and carry water for him. They also handed out candy and buddy poppies to Red Lion families.

Molson seemed to enjoy being around so many brave men and women and stood quietly during the memorial service out of respect.

On this day, and everyday, we should remember those willing to write a blank check to the United States of America, take an oath of service, and pay the ultimate price so that we may live free.  While these political times have us divided, it is important to remember that soldiers of all walks of life, political leanings, social and geographical demographics, all ages, genders, and religions stand as one when called to service of our country.  With a global footprint, we continue to lose soldiers on various missions in places most couldn’t find on a map.  May we always be grateful for our citizens that choose to become more.  May we remember those who didn’t make it home.  And may we all do our part to honor the vision of America that they died for.