After all the exams, surgery, and medication, Mister Molson decided he wanted to use his experience to become a veterinarian and help other animals.  So he went back to school and earned his degree.

All the hard work and long hours studying was worth it when he saw his first patient.  Inspector Gadget was just out of surgery on his back leg.  Dr. Rabuffo gave Dr. Molson the task of checking for infection.

Dr. Molson first did a visual inspection and seeing no observable signs, He checked as only a dog can by getting a good sniff of Gadget’s back end.

All clear!  Dr. Molson would have given a thumbs up if he could.  Instead he just stuck his tongue out and smiled with those big black lips.

We all knew that Inspector Gadget would be just fine.  A huge thanks goes out to Dr. Rabuffo, Kristi, Leslie, and the rest of the team at Animal ER of York.  They have been amazing in how they have gone out of their way to make Dr. Molson comfortable and feel loved on every visit.  It’s been like Cheers where everyone knows his name when he walks in.  We couldn’t ask for a better team of professionals.