Since all the recent publicity, Mister Molson decided he would try out a new career.  He has become accustomed to being in front of the camera and decided he wanted to tell the stories dogs care about.

He arrived for his first day as a news anchor and his team quickly got to work prepping him for the cameras.  It involved lots of brushing and a little powder on his crooked nose.

He didn’t seem nervous at all as the countdown began.  5, 4, 3, 2, 1….and we’re live…

Tonight on WDOG Fox43, we will be reporting on the recent allegations of performance enhancing drugs in neighborhood squirrels.  A few years ago, it seemed that they were a bit slower and we had a chance of maybe catching one someday.  However, recently, they seem to have gotten faster.  The National Squirrel Association could not be reached for comment.

After our break, we will bring you the weather and let you know if your face will get wet if you hang it out of the car window tonight.

Please support our sponsor who brings you that yummy wet food that comes in that round thingy that our owners sometimes struggle to open, not that crunchy dry stuff that sits out all day.

…and we’re back.

And this week in weather, you’re gonna be a hot dog as the temperatures climb to “Take me to the River.”  It will be a “Lay on top of the AC vent” kind of day across the entire Susquehanna Valley.

For those heading out to the York Revolution baseball game this week, forget the Cracker Jacks, buy me some peanuts and a cold one.

It will be a nice clear night for fireworks when the Revs win.  I’ll be hiding under the nearest table when they start.  They freak me out.

And barking news (I mean breaking news) surrounding that smell and who actually “dealt it.”  Stay with us.  We have an investigative story on this tonight at ten.

Why are you looking at me like that Ali?

Thanks for joining us tonight on WDOG Fox43.  Your station for all the latest dog gone news.  Mister Molson  and Ali Bradley signing off.

…..and we’re clear.

Ali Bradley gives Mister Molson a high five as they both exhale after the successful newscast.  Ali is still a little scared to inhale again but lets Mister Molson know he did well by giving him a dog treat she found in Andrew Kalista’s desk.
Thanks to the WPMT Fox43 team for helping Mister Molson become a News Anchor.  You have all been amazing and have made Mister Molson’s story go international!  You have also helped connect us with so many members of the community that have reached out to support Molson’s adventures anyway they can.

Here’s a look at the personal side of the Fox43 news crew as they make Mister Molson feel like a part of the team.

(All Photos – except the squirrel – provided by WPMT Fox 43)