Mister Molson has had many stressful jobs.  He’s been a firefighter, a police officer, a soldier, and even a doctor.  We felt that he was due for a relaxing adventure for a change.  He’s been very busy lately and needed a quiet, peaceful bucket list item to get him ready for his next adventures.  So, his friend Nicole found a woman who gives dog massages.  It was done in a yoga studio/holistic wellness center.  As soon as we walked into Illuminated Soul Wellness Center, I knew Molson would enjoy this adventure.  The place smelled great and took me back to the days of Wilmer’s Park and Woodstock where rows of vendors had aromas from all different kinds of oils and incense filling the air.

Mister Molson laid down on a blanket and the women went to work.

They loosened him up from jaw to paw.  They even had me put some Frankenstein oil on his nose saying it promoted the immune system.  I know it smelled really good.

Molson enjoyed all the attention and heavy petting but didn’t want to seem too easy so he got up a few times, walked around the room, got a drink of water, and came back over to the blanket.

They gave me some oil and some sage to take home for him.  He slept like a baby that night!

Thanks Nicole Montanerelli, of Live Thrive Yoga for setting this up and for the ladies at Illuminated Soul Wellness Center for treating Mister Molson to a new relaxing experience.