If you have been following Mister Molson’s adventures, you know by now that he loves water.  But, believe it or not, it took some persuading to get him into the water the first time as a puppy.

C’mon boy!  It’s okay!  C’mere buddy!

He was hesitant to follow me out into the stream.  Once he was out there, he stood completely still seeming worried, confused, and a bit curious all at the same time.


The ground has melted around me!
Are you sure about this?!

As he grew, so did his love for the water.  It now takes coaxing to get him out of the water.  He doesn’t care if its a lake….


…a swimming pool…

just keep swimming. just keep swimming.


…the sound…



…or even the surf of the ocean.


We could be sitting on top of it.


It could even be frozen.

Yay!  Snow tunnels!
Uh oh…where am I gonna pee?

Well…except for baths.  He’s never really liked them.

Can I get out yet?

One day over the summer, we let him outside to go potty.  A couple minutes later I went out and called for him.  He sometimes wonders but usually comes right back when I call.  This time he didn’t.  The kids and I split up in different directions and went looking for him.  “Molson!  Come boy!”  No response.  We couldn’t find him.  We widened our search further from the house.  Still no luck.  So we all headed back to the house to regroup and get a new plan.

As we approached the house, Molson came walking out of the garage.  He was absolutely soaked and smiling ear to ear!  It hadn’t rained for at least a week so I was scratching my head wondering where he was.  Then it hit me.

At the top of the hill is a splash park for the community.  Typically, there are kids up there every day over the summer.  He must have wondered up to the park and got into the splash pad with all the kids!  There are “no dog” signs around but he can’t read so he went for it I guess.

This is the place.


Luckily, no one called and complained or anything but I’m sure they all got a good laugh out of it.  So, to keep him out of the “no dog” zone, we started setting up some sprinklers in the yard for him whenever it gets hot.  Who doesn’t love running in a sprinkler on a hot day?

When Fox43 anchor, Ali Bradley came into work to get some shots of Mister Molson for her story, we set up a sprinkler and Molson went straight for it.

This past week the temperature climbed to the 90’s.  We could tell Mister Molson was hot so we got the sprinkler out again.  We all got in on the fun this time.

Sometimes the sprinkler just doesn’t cut it.  So, we gotta take it to the next level.


We hope for many more nice summer days with this crazy dog.  Meanwhile we will keep trying to make sure he’s the coolest dog in town (while keeping him out of the splash park).