bleeding gums

Mister Molson has had a ruff week.  His gums have started bleeding almost daily at some point.  In a tribute to one of my favorite Simpsons characters, I have been calling him “Bleeding Gums Moley.”  This post isn’t about me “feeling better”, and it’s probably “making other people feel worse”, just like Bleeding Gums Murphy’s Blues.  But, this is his story.  I can’t change it…I can’t pretend it away…All I can do is try to record it and share our experience to let other people going through this know that they are not alone.

At Molson’s most recent visit to the Vet, they took X-ray’s and had promising news.  The cancer hasn’t spread anywhere.  It is still concentrated in his nose.  But, the tumor in his nose keeps growing and it’s impossible to ignore every time I look at his furry face.  Another surgery isn’t an option.  It’s growing faster than his skin can keep up with and is leading to his bleeding gums.  He is now restricted to only soft food.  No more bones or pig ears for the dog that used to carry around what looked like dinosaur bones for a week and then destroy them in two days.

But, just as Nicole said at his wedding a few weeks ago, dogs don’t worry about death.  This past weekend he was swimming in a creek, begging for food at a picnic, rolling around in the grass, eating ice cream, and making new friends.  Through wet eyes, I look at him and wish for that serenity.  Hang in there Mister Molson.  We still have some more adventures planned that I know you will enjoy.