Mister Molson has already been in the service during his enlistment in the US Army.  But, this is a different kind of service.  This time he has joined the ranks of many other amazing dogs who do things for their handlers that only dogs can do.  Mister Molson has been officially registered as an emotional support animal.

Anyone who has ever met Molson would agree that this is well within his skill set.  He is compassionate to all creatures.  He found a baby bunny in the drive way and approached slowly, gave it a sniff, and tried to get it to play.  He eventually gave up and found something else to get into, leaving it completely unharmed.

He plays tag with the groundhogs at work as they take turns chasing each other.  I’ve never seen him harm another creature except for that one time he slurped up a stink bug as we walked down the hall on the way to my office.  (That still grosses me out when I think about it).

So, I find this new service dog job very suiting for Mister Molson.  He has an ID card and a vest to wear proudly as he supports, and brings smiles to everyone he meets.

He seems to like his new uniform.

It’s even embroidered so everyone knows his name (if they don’t already…he’s pretty famous now after all the recent international publicity).

As I’ve said throughout Mister Molson’s adventures, he has been there for me his whole life providing emotional support and reminding me of the beauty in simplicity.  A bad day turns out okay once he lays his head on my lap.  A stressful traffic jam is less so when I look in the side view mirror and see his head sticking all the way out sniffing the spring air.  Shoveling snow from the driveway is fun when I get to chuck him a snowball every once in awhile.  He has been an unwaivering reminder that life doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it.

So, if anyone needs a little emotional support, stop by and say hi to him.  It’s his job now after all.