While visiting family in NC, we had the opportunity to observe an obedience training class at the Outer Banks Dog Club.
My sister was attending with her Golden Doodle named Gunner.

Molson showed no interest in any agility activities or pet tricks.  He walked through the room unaffected by the many cute pups working.  He layed down next to me as we watched the dogs climb balls, walk balance beams, and get rewards for their efforts.  He watched intently but was happy just being a spectator.

After the class ended, the instructors agreed to let Molson take the “AKC Canine Good Citizen” exam which is essentially the graduation requirement for obedience classes.  The test involved many basic activities that measure responsible dog behavior.  They had me perform the test with him on a leash, though I’m confident he could do it even without one.

Molson had to walk nicely by my side as I navigated different directions, through a noisy environment, and met strangers.  He had to stay as I walked away and come when I called.  He also had to sit patiently while I went into a separate room and wait for me to return.  He just layed down by the instructors side.

After passing all the requirements with flying colors, he was presented with his ribbon and certification as a Canine Good Citizen.  
As a 12 year old dog that goes everywhere with me, this test was easy.  But, in his early years it would have been much more challenging.  The team at Outer Banks Dog Club helps dogs reach this level of discipline much more quickly than mere patience, consistency, and reading a few dog books like we did.

On behalf of dog owners everywhere, keep up the good work and continue to show the world the value that dogs bring to our lives.  Thanks again to Pat Silveri, Jan Moore, Melissa Kahn, Jane Krumwiede, and Outer Banks Dog Club for sharing in our adventures.

After the class, Gunner and Molson went home for a well deserved nap. Good boys.