This is one of the items that got added as Molson’s story gained momentum.  We added it more as a wish than something we knew we could work out.  It turns out the local community once again stepped up.  Jeff and Barb from Doulin’s garage in Holtwood, PA contacted me saying they could help.

It turns out they are serious dog people and were excited that they were able to do this for Mister Molson.  We met at Muddy Run Park for the adventure.  It wasn’t hard to find them as they rolled in on a 1988 FLH Police Bike with a factory Harley sidecar.

Although it has 110,000 miles on it, it looks brand new (except for a few upgrades which every Harley owner does to make it their own).

Thanks to Larry Willis Jr., Mister Molson had the gear for his ride. 

Molson quickly got his gear on including an IBEW Local 229 Motorcycle Club vest.

He got in the sidecar and was ready for the ride of his life.

Since PA revoked the helmet law, we thought he would enjoy it a little more without it.  So, he was still legal.

Jeff jumped on the bike and took Molson around the roads and parking lots in the park.



They even were willing to take the kids for a ride.

After the rides, Mister Molson didn’t want to get out so Jeff parked in the shade and let him hang out for a bit.

Eventually we had to get him out to get some water.  But Molson hung close to the bike like he would have rode all day.

Jeff and Barb had another surprise  up their sleeve.  They gave us all Harley-Davidson shirts and gave Mister Molson a huge bag of treats and toys.  They are such cool people for doing all this. In fact, even though they have several dogs, Mister Molson is the first to ever ride in the sidecar.

I continue to be impressed by what people are willing to do for a stranger, all for the common love of dogs.  Thanks again to Jeff and Barb High, owners of Doulin’s Garage, dog lovers, and Harley enthusiasts for making Molson a true Harley Hound and for giving Chloe and Elliot an experience they will never forget.

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