With a long resume of first responder jobs, it seemed suiting that Mister Molson help my sister out at her job as a paramedic at Dare County EMS when we visited last week.  He showed up and got his uniform on.

As a first responder, it is important to keep your skills honed.  So Molson took a CPR refresher course.

Molson hung out the station hoping for a quiet shift.

As the kids were playing basketball out back, Elliot tried to greet a stray cat.  Unfortunately, the cat was not friendly and scratched him.  So, the crew fired up the ambulance and got to work. 

Molson ran over to Elliot and helped him onto the stretcher and got him into the ambulance.  

He hooked up some leads and checked his heart rate.

After verifying that his heart rate was normal, Molson waited for the crew to load up.

Once the crew was ready, Molson jumped into the drivers seat and headed to the hospital.

Elliot arrived quickly and safely at the hospital.  The doctors took him in and eventually diagnosed him with cat scratch fever.  Thanks to the quick response from the medics, Elliot turned out fine.  

Thanks to the EMT’s and Paramedics of Dare County EMS for letting Molson experience this.  We are all thankful for the work that all of you do everyday.  Thanks for being there when we need you.  This clock I saw hanging in the station reminds us that you must have to deal with some crazy things.

No children were harmed in the making of this adventure.

While we were visiting, Molson got an additional  surprise.  Deputy Sherrod with the Dare County Sheriff’s Office arrived to give Molson another police experience.  Melinda Sherrod is also a vet tech and animal lover.  She saw Molson’s story and made a special stop to meet him.  

This was probably the coolest police car I’ve ever seen.  The ghosted reflective lettering was awesome.  Thanks Deputy Sherrod.  Let us know if a spot becomes available with the K-9 division. I’m sure Molson would be happy to serve.