On July 4, we headed down to Kilgore Falls for an afternoon of swimming.  It involved a short hike through the woods to get there.  At first Mister Molson thought it was just another hike in the woods.  Then he heard the stream.  He kept trying to veer off the trail to find the water.  

Eventually, the trail crossed the stream so we walked the stream all the way to the falls.  

Due to the holiday, the swimming hole was kind of busy.  But there was still plenty of room for us to cool off and have some fun.

Molson wasn’t too crazy about the waterfall and showed no interest in swimming under it or drinking from it.  But, he did enjoy the breeze and cool spray coming from it.  

Elliot didn’t mind getting in.

Molson did enjoy climbing around the rocks and getting in and out of the swimming hole.

He eventually started to slow down a bit so I figured we better head back since it would take a few minutes to hike back to the car.  He seemed to enjoy the walk in the woods and tried to say hi to the people we passed.

He was wet and happy during the ride home and slept well that night.  Any day spent swimming is a good day for him.  I’m grateful that he is still enjoying life and is able to do the things he always loved.  Hopefully he has a few more swimming trips in him.