A ball game is the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon.  So, when an old friend reached out and invited Mister Molson to help coach the team, we were there.  Growing up, I played baseball with Chad Rehmeyer for several years on many different teams.  I even remember his dad pitching to us when we were in C-ball before they started letting the kids pitch.  As we advanced, Chad became a pitcher and I was a catcher.  I remember several times when his fastballs made my hand sting.  He was also one of the first pitchers in our youth league that was able to throw a curve ball when we were kids.  In school, my sister played softball with Dawn Klingenberg, who is now the assistant coach of the Windsor Fire team.  It was really cool seeing them coach a kids team and share all that experience they have.

Windsor Fire is a girls under 10 softball team.  Several of the girls go to school with Chloe and Elliot so we already knew some of the kids and parents when we arrived.

At the beginning of the game, the teams got together.  Chad made an announcement that Mister Molson would be the Windsor Fire Honorary Head Coach for the game.  He even presented him with an official certificate.











At one point, Mister Molson even took his position as 1st base coach with Chad while Dawn was at 3rd.

Coaching is hard work.  So, Mister Molson spent a lot of time hanging out in the shade with the families and drinking lots of ice water.



He kept an eye on the team and gave Chad some advice from time to time.  Some ideas were good, some were not.  He told the girls to fetch when the ball was hit and when to run.  But, Chad had to tell him that pitching a spit (or slobber) ball wasn’t allowed.

He wondered why the umpire kept reminding everyone that they were throwing a ball.  Even Molson figured out what a ball was pretty quick even as a puppy.  Yeah, I know that’s a ball.  Chad started to explain it to Mister Molson but decided the ball and strike thing was a little complicated and just patted his head and said “I know buddy.”  Here batta batta batta…..spring.  No seriously, I’m thirsty.  There must be a spring around here somewhere.  This is a park right?

He did get caught sticking his tongue out at everyone from time to time.

Who has no thumbs and gets to be the head coach?  … This guy!

Mister Molson even took a ceremonial trip around the bases.

The game ended in a tie and both teams enjoyed having him there.

Several families from both teams took advantage of a photo opportunity with this famous coach.

Thanks Chad, Dawn, and Windsor Fire for letting us come enjoy this game with you.  Mister Molson may be the first dog the township ever let onto the softball field.  They gave him special permission to attend since he was the coach.  Once again the community pulled together to give Molson, our family, and the girls on the team another great memory.

After the game, an awesome summer shower rolled through to cool things off.  Molson appreciated it after all of his hard work.


Ok.  Who’s up for some post-game pizza and ice cream?