While we were at the beach, Mister Molson stopped by the Kill Devil Hills Ocean Rescue Station to make some new friends.  All it takes is for someone to say the word “beach” to get Molson in a frenzy.  Even at 12 years old, he jumps right up and starts wagging and making circles around us and the car trying to herd us along.  He loves the beach!  So, we thought he might want to meet the professionals that work the beaches everyday.  We all picked up some lifeguard shirts to try to blend in.


It didn’t work very well.  Between the pasty legs and incorrect lingo, they immediately figured us out.  But, the real lifeguards were very welcoming and even offered Mister Molson a job.  But first, he had to get acquainted with the equipment.  They showed him around and then let him ride the 4-wheeler.


Then they let him drive the truck.


After getting familiar with the equipment, they assigned him a post.


Molson took his post and began to watch over the beach.


He enjoyed the view and the breeze as he sniffed the salty air and watched all the people and dogs playing and swimming.


Then an emergency happened.  Elliot was playing in the ocean and got stung by a peanut butter and jelly fish.


Mister Molson quickly responded by cleaning up the peanut butter and jellyfish residue from Elliot’s leg.  It’s one of his favorite treats.  Just ask Larry Willis Jr.  They share a PB&J sandwich everyday at work.


Elliot quickly recovered and Molson returned to his watch on the beach with his rescue can ready in case there was another emergency.



Luckily, the rest of his shift was uneventful.  He returned at dusk just as a storm was approaching and the lifeguard crew got together to thank him for his help.


They even gave him a souvenir rescue can key chain and let him keep the lifeguard shirt.

Thanks to the Kill Devil Hills Ocean Rescue crew for letting Mister Molson work with you for a day.  He loves water and especially the ocean.  While he would have a hard time riding the 4-wheelers and jet skis, he would love being at the beach everyday.  He can’t swim quite as long as he used to, but he probably still has a better chance of passing the swim test than me.  Thanks to all the lifeguards that have our backs while we enjoy the OBX beaches, often without the full awareness of all the risks the ocean presents.  We count on you and have a lot of respect for you!