When Mister Molson’s story appeared on the local news, it reached a lot of people.  I started getting contacted by strangers offering support and encouragement for his adventures.  One family reached out to see if they could help.  Lauren was watching the news with her 3 year old son when Molson’s story aired.  Her son Damion asked if there was anything he could do to help.  So his mom looked over the bucket list and found “Have a picnic.”

She contacted me to see if she and her son could take Molson out for a picnic.  So, we found a local dog park and met up one afternoon.  It turns out she loves dogs and even rescues other animals.  She even saved a chicken with a broken foot and gave it a peg leg so it could still walk around.  IMG_2331 They were a nice family and even brought ice cream for Mister Molson.  The kids started playing on the playground, blowing bubbles, and checking out the park.  Several times, Molson wondered over to the tree line.  I’d call him back and then a few minutes later he would wonder back to the tree line.  I noticed a trail so I decided we should let him go and follow him to see what he was so curious about.  Unsurprisingly, the trail led to a small stream and Molson was in it before we even rounded the last corner on the trail.


He enjoyed some time cooling off and even enticed the kids to get in.

We all splashed around a bit before returning to grab a snack on our picnic.

Lauren and Molson even shared a blueberry muffin.


Lauren and Damion took advantage of the opportunity to get Molson’s autograph as a memory of the adventure.

Mister Molson has shown me how many good people are in our community.  These kind of people often go unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life because they are not the loudest.  They are not attention seekers.  Being a good person doesn’t typically make the news.  But these kind of experiences should be a reminder to all of us that our communities are full of amazing people that make the world better.  We just don’t normally hear about it.

Thanks to Lauren and Damion for everything you do for animals and for giving Mister Molson another great experience.  Any day playing in a park, swimming in a creek, and eating ice cream is a good day for Molson.  Heck, its a good day for humans too!