So, this wasn’t quite what you would first think for a hippie festival and our idea of a festival seems to grow more mild with age.  Mister Molson and I attended Yogis take the park 2017.  It is an annual yoga-based event in a local park coordinated by a long-time friend Nicole (the same woman who presided over Molson and Josie’s wedding ceremony).

The festival includes people converging from all over the area to attend free yoga classes in the park. But, neither Molson nor I were up for yoga, so we participated in other ways.  Although, I think Molson did do a little downward dog when he stretched after standing up one time.  When we first arrived, we were warmly greeted by the staff, who instantly recognized the famous Mister Molson and some old friends.

Molson even wore his official “Yogis take the Park” shirt.

We made our rounds visiting all the vendors.  The place smelled amazing between all the natural foods, produce, herbs, oils, incense, and even baked goods.  We even saw the women from Illuminated Soul Wellness Center, who gave Molson his massage on an earlier bucket list item.

Then, we visited the nice woman from M&M Farm in Glen Rock, PA who gave him a beef stick and even some liver to take home for dinner.  She is a big dog person and we chatted for awhile about how awesome they are.

We also stopped at the Boy Scouts stand and grabbed a hot dog for Mister Molson.

We saw lots of other dogs there visiting too.  They all did what dogs do when greeting each other for the first time (Chloe calls this the doggie friend request).  Lots of inappropriate sniffing.  I had to remind him to be a gentleman once or twice.  After making our rounds we grabbed a nice spot in the shade and enjoyed the bands.  We stuck around for two of the bands and one of the yogi prayer session bands (I’m not sure what else to call them.  They had an accordion type thing, a bunch of bowls a guy rubbed with sticks, a hand drum, and a sitar).  The bands were really good and included mandolins, guitars, banjos, washboards, bass, percussion, and a few other instruments.  The one band, Kozma, had a nice long jam about pants pockets that kind of cracked me up.

On the way out, my buddy Domenic and his son gave Molson some more hot dogs.

Nicole asked several months ago if Molson could attend this year’s festival.  I couldn’t promise her that he would still be here.  But, he is hanging in there.  We are trying to stay positive and make sure Molson is getting spoiled and surrounded by people who love him.  It was a beautiful day with plenty of shade and a nice breeze blowing through the park.  It was perfect for Molson.  What dog doesn’t wanna spend a day hanging out in the park with friends, dogs, and food?