Since he was a puppy, Molson has been cared for at the Charles London VCA Animal Hospital in York, PA.  All of his check-ups, vaccinations, and even his marble removal surgery were performed there (no he didn’t eat marbles).


They have always been friendly and Molson didn’t hold a grudge.  He enjoyed going and smelling all the other animals and saying hello to anyone we met in the waiting area.  The staff has been following his adventures and decided to get involved.

Jaime Miller, a vet tech there, decided to have a dog party for him at their office.  It involved some of his favorite things…people, animals, pizza, and ice cream.  They closed the office for a couple hours and brought in a bunch of two and four-legged friends.  They went all out and decorated the office just for Mister Molson.



We shared stories and food while we laughed at the crazy dogs in their party hats.


The vet tech that performed Molson’s neutering was even still there.  Molson treated her like an old friend and didn’t hold it against her.


We enjoyed the food and friends.  The dogs made their rounds cleaning the floor and putting on their sad eyes hoping for some of the pizza crust.


The dogs even got some ice cream.

We posed for some pictures and Chloe even got to hold a newborn kitten.


Even though they see dozens of animals everyday, I imagine they grow a connection to each one.  It must take a big heart to see so many animals at their best and worst, care for them their entire life, and eventually have to say goodbye to them.  I am struggling with saying goodbye to one.

I’m thankful for everyone that chooses that career path and wish them strength in their efforts.  All animal families depend on people like Jamie and Dr. Moon to care for our pets in ways we can’t.  Thanks to the entire team at Charles London’s VCA Animal Hospital for helping Mister Molson with his bucket list adventures.