During our trip through the mountains, we stayed at Big meadows Lodge in Shenandoah National Park.  It gave us a lot more time to spend exploring and hiking.  The place had little cabin style rooms.  Each had a little porch looking out into the woods.  There was no cell service, internet, or TV.  I wasn’t sure how the kids would take it.  But, they were amazing.  Molson didn’t mind either.


My rule with the kids is that they are allowed to jump on hotel beds as much as they want.  So, they took advantage of that (don’t tell the manager).


Molson was a bit tuckered out from all the exploring during the day and took a little nap before we headed up to the mountain top to watch the sunset that night.  He didn’t seem to have a real big appetite either.  He only ate 2 cans of food during the entire 2 days.  But, he lead the way on every trail and his tail rarely stopped wagging.



He hung out with us on the porch for a little while.


Then we went inside and got settled in.  Elliot’s teacher, Mrs. Brooks, gave him a book called Love That Dog right before the end of the school year, knowing what he was going through.  This was the perfect opportunity to read it together.  The kids sat quietly as we read the whole book together in the cabin.  It was a very sad book which caused all of us to show Molson a lot of extra love that night.

After we woke up, we headed into the lodge for breakfast before heading back out on the road.


Elliot filled out the Bear Sighting Journal twice.  Once for the mama bear and cubs we saw the night before, and once for the bear in the lobby.  Because, well, he’s Elliot.



I think I could have lived in that cabin and been fine.


The kids were sad to leave too and asked if we could stay a few more days.  Mister Molson didn’t seem to have an opinion either way.  He’s always up for anything.  So, we got back on the road for another morning driving through the mountains and then on down to the beach.