One of the original items on Mister Molson’s bucket list was to visit Central Park.   We thought it could be a fun day trip to NYC and a chance to get some good pictures.  None of have been to Central Park so it would make a good memory as well.  As it turns out,  NYC didn’t seem to want us to come.

We considered many options including bus, train, and taxi, but none would allow dogs that don’t fit in a carrier small enough to slide under a seat.  Obviously, that wouldn’t be a very comfortable ride for Molson.  So the only thing left was to drive.  Once we started looking into that option, I started looking into the availability and cost of parking which made it more expensive and burdensome than a train.  It would also mean about 9 hours in the car that day because of the traffic.  That is also something Molson wouldn’t really enjoy and neither would I.  No one wants to drive in NYC.

So, I was feeling pretty discouraged. Kristi called with a great solution to keep Molson’s Bucket List intact.  She recommended that we visit Central Park in Lancaster which is only about 30 minutes away, free parking, and we can spend a full stress-free day there.  I was sold.

Kristi and her daughter met us one morning and we headed over.  Mister Molson was going to Central Park!

Our first stop was at one of the famous covered bridges.  Of course Molson was less interested in the bridge than the water underneath.

We found a little hiking trail that had a wooden foot bridge.  And once again, Molson had no interest in crossing the bridge.

Then we visited the Garden of the Five Senses.

There was a really cool fountain that Molson couldn’t keep his eyes off.

While I was busy smelling some sage, I felt a tug on the leash.  I turned around and…

…”Molson get outta there!”  Molson seems to ignore signs for some reason.

We even saw a little waterfall.

We took a break for lunch (details in the next post).

Then it was back to some more hiking, exploring, and swimming.  Molson was loving every minute.


Even Elliot did a little swimming.

On the way home we stopped by a lookout over the Susquehanna River.  We snapped a few more pictures to remember this day with Molson.

Thanks Kristi for once again helping us turn lemons into lemonade.  You have been great through this whole process.