Since getting married, Molson and Josie have both been busy with doctor’s appointments, work, keeping their families in line, going on adventures, trying to eat healthy and so on.  Josie is battling a health condition of her own.  She was recently in the hospital for a cyst on her liver.  Leslie and Barry are doing everything they can to keep her happy.

So, Molson and Josie haven’t made time for a date.  This is something most married couples struggle with.  Well, they finally carved out some one-on-one time over at Josie’s place.  When Molson arrived, Josie came out to greet him and they stood side by side for a little while with a random sniff here and there.

After going inside and exploring a little bit, they both laid down and got comfortable in the living room.  Everybody needs an afternoon nap sometimes.  Then, Josie got up to show Molson around her stomping grounds.  They walked down the lane to the farm next door to visit the horses.

The horses walked over to the fence to say hello.  One of the horses even got a little curious of Josie and they both almost touched noses.  I was a little too slow with my phone to get a good picture though.

Molson checked them out for a bit and found a shady spot next to the stable.

Josie joined him but kept watching the horses for a few more minutes.

Then she found her spot by his side.

Molson and Josie leaned against each other in the shade for quite some time.  They only got up when we told them we were heading back to the house.  Josie is such a gentle sweetheart.  She even sniffed at Molson’s nose a couple times indicating that she knew something was wrong.  I wish both of these dogs the best as they each battle their own health issues.  Thank you Josie for making Mister Molson a lucky husband.