Chloe wanted to make sure Mister Molson looked good as he posed for the various pictures on his bucket list.  In the words of American architect Louis Sullivan, “Form ever follows function.”  So, we wanted to make sure it served a purpose as well.  So, a family friend arranged for a hemp necklace (honoring my younger carefree, hippie, tie dye, jam-band days that earned me the nickname “woodstock” at work) while including a “bling” component for Chloe.


Stones were specifically chosen for their healing properties in hopes of making Molson more comfortable as he wore it.

Amethyst: Alleviates excessive barking, separation anxiety, grief and fear. Assists ear problems and training issues. Acts as a flea/tick deterrent. Great for alleviation of head pain or disorientation.

Jasper: Alleviates pain from arthritis, illness and old age. Assists in the relief of allergies. May assist in the healing of the worst illnesses. A master healer stone.

Clear Quartz: Strengthens your pet’s immune system and stimulates energy levels. Heightens communication between the pet and its owner. Absorbs negative energy. Amplifies all healing.

Baltic Amber: Natural flea & tick repellent. A powerful healer and cleanser of the body, mind & spirit.  Absorbs pain & negative energy, helping to alleviate stress. Alleviates allergies, depression & inflammation throughout the whole body.

Carnelian: The vital orange color ray deeply relaxes your pet’s mind, emotions, and physical cells, so they can release their disharmony and disease. The orange ray is a key ingredient for life, especially for the life of the cells, and every cell is energized by it.

While, its hard to tell if the stones are working yet, Mister Molson doesn’t seem to mind the collar.  Ever since he was a puppy, he never minded the occasional doggie t-shirt, or funny pants.  But lately, he seems to actually enjoy it.  It’s like he realizes he’s getting dressed up for something.  He would have worn the tuxedo, the Army uniform, tactical police vest or whatever as long as we let him.  Since Chloe is the only girl in the house, I think maybe he likes playing dress up for her.

Here are some pictures of some of Mister Molson’s crazy outfits.  Enjoy!

Thanks for playing along and always making us smile Mister Molson!