Art can evoke all kinds of emotions.  It can call upon your best memories or your worst fears.  It can tell a story without words.  It can be extravagant or minimalistic.  It can be created from anything by anyone.  It can be open to interpretation and mean something different to every viewer.  But to a dog, it just means they get to have fun making a mess.  They leave the symbolism, connotation, and curation to us.  So, this has been a perfect bucket list item for all of us.  Mister Molson gets to make messes and we get to contrive meaning from them.

Mister Molson has made various pieces of art.  He has certainly developed his own signature style.  It involves paw prints, paw prints, and more paw prints.  He doesn’t seem to hold any strong principle toward any specific color.  Although dogs are not actually color blind, they do see certain colors like yellow and blue more vividly (Sorry Eagles Fans).

Molson has taken every opportunity possible to make some art.  I’m not talking about the examples of creativity he leaves all over the yard.  Though some of those leave me puzzled about his artistic process.  I’m talking about paint here folks.

He helped with the art for his “Just married” sign before his wedding.  The kids helped a lot on this one.



He made some paw prints for thank you cards for many people who attending his wedding and have helped him in some way on his adventures.


He even made some art with new friends who would have never met were it not for him and his adventures.

Since Molson likes hanging out in the garage with me, we decided to let him walk through some paint and leave his prints all over the floor.  I know they won’t last forever, but they make me smile every time I walk out and see them.

Molson’s paws have been all different colors this week as he has been working on the garage floor across several days.  Just as they almost got clean again, Chloe or Elliot would decide we need a little more of this color or that color.  Molson’s art will continue to be a reminder of the imprint he has made on all of our lives.  We love you Mister Molson.