Since Molson’s passing, I haven’t written much as I deal with the loss. The house doesn’t feel the same without him. I still pause when I go through doors waiting for him to come behind me. I have to pick up food that the kids and I drop. I want to call for him before I go back inside after doing yard work. I imagine anyone who has lost a dog has their own little things that remind them of their buddy. Maybe this is why so many people could relate to our story. Maybe this is why we got so much support from family, friends, and the rest of the community.

We have been blessed by the support from so many people. Charles London’s VCA office, where Molson was seen for his whole life, sent a fruit basket from a local orchard.

My Aunt Colleen sent keepsakes for each of us to remember Mister Molson. Each one is perfect for the individual relationship each of us had with him. Friendship, Kindness, and Devotion.

Aunt Tracey sent a framed picture to remember Molson’s Appalachian Trail adventure and Grandpa Dibble.

The guys at the Union Hall framed a picture for the hallway to remember him.

We have received cards and condolences from countless people as we deal with this. Lots of people have bought from the T-shirt fundraiser and made direct donations to The National Canine Cancer Foundation. We are so grateful for all of the support and everyone who has helped spread Mister Molson’s story. We will keep sharing the memories, lessons, and events brought on by this amazing dog. Thank you to everyone who has commented, shared, and cried with us. Mister Molson shined a light on the good in the community that so often goes unnoticed. This story isn’t over.