Mr. Molson's Adventures

Bucket List for my Best Buddy

A Loyal Friend


We all seek that friend that listens more than they talk.  That friend that is always there for you no matter how bad your day was.  That friend that doesn’t care if you wear the same clothes 3 days in a row or or forget to call on their birthday.  To me, Molson has been one of those friends for the past 12 years.  Molson is a Golden Retriever who goes to work with me every day.  He greets every visitor to our office, helps the staff eat their lunch, plays with the groundhogs in the yard, and sleeps under the nearest desk.  At home, he has a favorite spot on the couch and will stare at you if you’re sitting there when he wants to.  He watches the squirrels through the window but has yet to catch one.  He tries to jump into every wrestling match between me and the kids.  He photobombs pictures at the last minute with a big black nose or a fluffy tail making me try to get everyone looking and smiling at the same time again.  He gives your hand or face a lick sometimes when you are least expecting it.   And he can create odors that can clear a room.  But with the good and sometimes frustrating, he always makes us smile.  His love is genuine and his mischief is innocent.

Unfortunately, as every pet owner has to come to terms with, this can’t last forever.  We recently found out that Molson has cancer.  It is still unclear how much time he has or the quality of that time.  However, we hope to show Molson the amount of love he has shown us these past 12 years.

For this reason, the kids and I have created a bucket list for Mister Molson.  We hope to give him many more good memories before we have to say goodbye.  He has truly been a blessing for us and we are better people for having known him.  This blog is dedicated to preserving the memory of our beloved friend and for sharing the lessons we learn through the process of letting go.  To Mister Molson….the best dog I have ever known.