Mr. Molson's Adventures

Bucket List for my Best Buddy

Molson’s Story

Mister Molson was born on March 3, 2005.  I was newly married and had just purchased a house.  But, we needed a dog to make it a home.  After researching a few different dog breeds, we decided on a Golden Retriever and ended up being the lucky new fur-ever home for Mister Molson.

He has been with me his entire life and after 12 years its hard to imagine life without him.  But he was diagnosed with cancer in March 2017 and the cold hard reality of pet ownership hit me.  These beautiful creatures can’t stick around forever.

Long-time friend and vet tech, Kristi Meyers recommended that we do a bucket list for Mister Molson once we got the cancer diagnosis.  None of us never knew it would grow like it has.  This site has been set up to record our memories and struggles, our joy and pain, and share the stories of our family dog.  This collection of blog posts will help us remember the wonderful moments we shared in Molson’s last days.

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