Mister Molson’s story once again made the front page of the local newspaper on November 2, 2017. This time is was about how he lined up his successor, Mister Muddy.  It was bright light on the front page of the paper surrounded by crime and politics.  I believe Mister Molson is still finding ways to make people pause and smile.

newspaper, rescue dog, molson
Mister Muddy on the front page of the York Dispatch
molson dog, newspaper, bucket list, rescue
Molson and Muddy side-by-side.

We miss you Molson. We will give Muddy the same love we gave you but we will never forget how you led him here.  You helped us become a better pet family, connected us with other dog lovers in the community, found a successor, showered him with gifts, and got him celebrity status right out of the gate.  You were something special buddy.  Thanks for everything.


Thanks to Jason Addy and the York Dispatch for sharing our story.

Here is the previous story on Mister Molson in the dispatch and the blog post.