This is something most humans take for granted.  However, for a dog, it can be a magical experience.  It starts with a car ride, which Mister Molson loves.  Then we turn into a parking lot, which always makes him curious when its somewhere he doesn’t recognize.  The windows are down and he begins to smell something delicious and his nose turns up and his nostrils twitch taking it all in.  His tail begins to wag more excitedly.  Ooooh that smell!  Can ya smell that smell?!  A strange voice comes from that box outside with holes in it.

We pull up to the window and a stranger hands us a sweet smelling red box with a smiley face on it.  Mister Molson is about to have his own, and first, Happy meal!

He got to eat some chicken nuggets and french fries right out of the box.  Once he saw it was for him, he dove right in.  Surprisingly, his big meat head fit all the way into the box.

He didn’t waste a crumb which is better than the kids normally do when we go out to eat.  Molson had a happy meal all to himself and I think he would have eaten one or two more.  That dog loves human food!  He doesn’t understand what cancer is, or why his nose feels funny.  But, he is certainly enjoying all the special attention and treats he has been showered with lately.