There’s something about sticking your head out the window on a car ride that makes you feel alive.  Dogs know this better than anyone.  Regardless of the weather, Mister Molson always wants to stick his head out the window of the car…rain, snow, heat, cold.  The wet nose marks on the inside of the windows of my truck are evidence of times that I didn’t open them fast enough for him.  So, what could be better than hanging your head out a car window?  A ride in a convertible of course!

Mister Molson went 12 years before he got his chance.  Thanks to help from family and friends he did it in style!  At our recent trip to the beach, my mom gave Molson a ride in her PT Cruiser convertible.  He wasn’t sure what to think at first and kept looking for a place to stick his head through because that what he always did, not realizing that his head was already outside.

This past weekend, he got another opportunity to ride in a convertible.  Thanks to friends Leslie and Kristi, this time in a 1927 Jaguar!  In fact, he was the first dog ever to ride in it.  We rode to the river with his head proudly protruding above the windshield.  His ears and lips were flapping the wind and his smile almost seemed to extend to the back of his head.  It’s probably about as close to flying as a dog will ever experience.

We got to the river and he went straight for the water.  I’ve come to expect this as he can’t walk past a rain puddle without getting in it.  He swam and fetched some sticks and walked around to greet all the strangers loading and unloading their boats at the ramp.

Even after being soaking wet, Leslie let Molson back into the Antique car for the ride home.  By the time we got there, he was nice and fluffy and dry.  The weather cooperated and Mister Molson checked another item off his bucket list.  This is another wonderful memory I will always have with him.  Thanks Mom, Leslie, and Kristi for taking time to help us appreciate the small things in life, like the freedom of going topless.